Rankin County Justice Court                 

Physical Address:    117 North Timber Street, Brandon, MS 39042
Mailing Address:    Post Office Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043
Phone:    601-824-2665
Fax:    601-824-2668


Rankin County has four Justice Court Judges each of whom are elected by judicial district but have county-wide jurisdiction.   The Judges handle jury and non-jury criminal cases and jury and non-jury civil cases and they are authorized to perform weddings in the county.   All cases are filed with the clerk's office and computer-rotated to the judges.

Judge Richard Redfern
District 1

Judge John Shirley
District 2

Judge Joshua McCrory
District 3

Judge Ken Fairly
District 4


The Justice Court Clerk, Jessica Massey, who is appointed by the board of supervisors, is the administrator of the court and is assisted by several criminal court deputy clerks and several civil court deputy clerks.


Rankin County has four Constables each of whom are elected by judicial district but have county-wide jurisdiction.   The constables serve arrest warrants, summonses and subpoenas.

Constable Von Brown
District 1
Constable Brad Patridge
District 2
Constable Barry Bean
District 3
Constable Tim Gardner
District 4


Rankin County's Justice Court Prosecutors are County Prosecutor Richard Wilson and Assistant County Prosecutors Michael A. Boland and Paul M. Holley.

Richard Wilson
County Prosecutor
Michael A. Boland
Assistant County Prosecutor
Paul M. Holley
Assistant County Prosecutor

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases are either a misdemeanor or a felony.   A misdemeanor is a crime in which the maximum penalty does not exceed one year in the county jail.   A felony conviction may result in imprisonment in the state penitentiary (Parchman).   The crime must be prosecuted in the county in which the crime occurred.

Misdemeanor Criminal Cases

Every Tuesday is a "plea" date where individuals charged with a misdemeanor appear and enter a plea of "guilty" or "not guilty."

Pleading "not guilty"

If a plea of "not guilty" is entered, the matter is set for a trial on a later date so that witnesses may be subpoenaed.

Pleading "guilty"

Before the court may accept a plea of guilty, the court must determine that a plea is voluntarily and intelligently made and that there is a factual basis for the plea.

When the defendant wishes to plead guilty to an offense charged, it is the duty of the court to address the defendant personally and to inquire and determine:


If a defendant is found "guilty" after a trial or if a plea of "guilty" is entered, the Judge determines the penalty which, depending on the crime, may include any or all of the following:

Who files misdemeanors?

The criminal cases consist of all misdemeanor cases which occur within Rankin County and are filed in Justice Court by:

Felony Criminal Cases

The Judges issue felony arrest warrants and search warrants upon a showing of probable cause.   The Judges also have the authority to conduct felony initial appearances and felony preliminary hearings although they are usually conducted in County Court.   Felony trials are conducted in Circuit Court.

If you wish to file felony charges against someone, contact the local police department if the alleged crime occurred in the city limits, otherwise contact the Rankin County Sheriff's Department at 601-825-1480.

Civil Cases

Civil cases handled are matters in which the amount sued for does not exceed $3,500.   Examples of typical civil cases are debt collection matters, torts, evictions, and replevins.

Civil Case Forms

Download Justice Court Forms

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